Sizes & Care

Freya playing

Freya playing


The best and easiest way to get the correct collar size, is to measure around the dog’s neck with an allowance for 2 fingers (not flat, but pointing out like scissors) to fit between the dog and the collar.  Our adjustable collars will have sufficient overlap to allow you to get the perfect it.

The collar shouldn’t be so tight that it will cause discomfort or so loose that it slides over the dogs head.

Please email me for any enquiries.


It’s inevitable that your dogs collar will gather dirt over time or if they are like my dogs get them covered in mud.  All collars are suitable for machine washing with care, as well as hand cleaning.

Draco, Paul, and Freya wash off the mud while camping

Draco, Paul, and Freya wash off the mud while camping

We recommend that you place your collar in a sock, wash bag or similar and secure it tightly.  Not only will this help to protect the collar but it will look after your washing machine too. Always use a non biological washing powder and choose a low temperature.

Some of the collars especially the red and pink can run on the first few washes so please make sure you wash the collar in an appropriate wash.  I have done this with my dogs collars and they are fine.  I have washed all red and pink collars once before selling.

You can of course wash by hand if you prefer.

Rinse thoroughly and allow the collars to dry gently and do avoid tumble drying as this may cause damage to fabrics and buckles.